Social Aspects of Health Communication – Towards a Research Agenda




social influences, social norms, social networks, interconnectedness, multi-level, digitalisation


Health and health-related behaviours are embedded in social contexts in various ways which comprise both risks and opportunities for health communication. We propose a research agenda on social aspects of health communication and introduce the articles of the present special issue. Owing to the complexity of individuals’ social contexts, the research agenda addresses questions lying at the individual, interpersonal, and societal levels. The issue’s articles cover different and highly relevant questions of this research agenda, ranging from stigmatisation to impression management to collective action and from experimental designs to qualitative interviews and netnography. In sum, the articles demonstrate not only the diversity but also the relevance of academic research on social aspects of health communication. We expect that this topic will continue gaining importance, given the ongoing digitalisation of the media environment and the increasing interconnectedness of producers and users, doctors and patients, and experts and laypersons.




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Geber, S., Frey, T., & Friemel, T. N. (2021). Social Aspects of Health Communication – Towards a Research Agenda. European Journal of Health Communication, 2(2), I-IV.